Since 1996, my approach to the creative process has been based on the belief that good art direction and design is integral to effective communications and more than a lens through which the audience processes information. In addition, it should also serve as a visual voice that complements and enhances written messaging by providing a clean, functionally sound context for communications.

These are the core values and beliefs that have guided me for close to two decades and has allowed me to work with a broad range of clients.


Senior Art Director with significant experience in developing elegant, playful and brand-enhancing campaigns. Expert at translating ideas into concepts and integrating creative across a variety of media. Highly skilled at collaborating with and managing clients and vendors alike to achieve results.




  • Embraces conceptualization process in a highly creative, collaborative way that
    immediately and fully engages clients.
  • Conceives clever, sophisticated concepts that support and expand on core branding strategies.
  • Ensures clients understand  how ideas, concepts, campaigns and brands interrelate.

Art Direction

  • Clearly communicates expectations and goals to enable creative resources
    to produce exceptional work.
  • Innately understands the creative process and what it takes to guide it to achieve superlative results.
  • Applies a keen eye for color and typograpy to drive compelling creative.


  • Skillfully manages project workflow ensuring project schedules are on track and
    all final deliverables meet deadlines.
  • Adept at sourcing the right vendor for any deliverable , based on extensive creative experience spanning almost 2 decades.
  • Proficient in Adobe Creative suite and Microsoft office.